Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More to say but i am silly

I have so much to share which is in my mind for long. It is coming out very slowly so i am making so much posts today. I have so much to write but don't know what should come first. I just found a good tool with which i want to play so i want to write, i want to write, i want to write but not prepared what to write. May be i should stop this now and come back when i am ready with the stuff to be written.

I love blogging and i think i am acting as silly

Few lines about me

I am Romi (not my real name) but i like this name ( it is short for Romanio ). I am a developer and i live in India. I develop web based application with PHP & MySQL & HTML and now a days i am using Ajax technology to tweak my web based applications to stand infront of Desktop Applications.

It is really good to be the part of the whole world community. Internet is really good and it is making our world a small place. I love Internet.

I mostly develop Corporate Solutions for my local clients and sometimes do some work for open source projects if i get a chance.

I think these lines are enough for now i will write more about me later some day.

Blogging is Good

I started blogging just a few days before but i think i am starting liking it. It lets you say whatever you want to say without anyone else to interfear.

I thankyou the one who invented this service and to one who made it available without cost.

thank you all people for your efforts

Don't know what to write

I want to write something, i want to share something but i don't know what to post for today.

So many things in mind, can't figure out from where to start, i think i should take off today and start someother day when i feel good.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I start


This is the first post to my blog. I have learnt so much from my life, seen up and downs, had fun and sorrows. I want to share all that with someone who understands. I don't know who will read this but whoever reads my blog should learn something from my life and emotions. I am not very good with English but i will try my best.