Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hey!Watch :: Online Video Encoding Platform

This is an addition to my list of amazing tools on web and i was looking for this tool for long time and it came up to me in a sudden. To check out click here or keep reading further.

To use this tool you need to register first nothing else to do and you get a lot of features to convert your video files to any format you like. It has following features to enjoy:

  • Video encoding in any format you want
  • Well aware of today's growing number of multimedia devices
  • Grabbing Video Clips from Web Sites (even when there is no download link)
  • Smart notification - RSS and Ping
  • Customizable video encoding and file format conversion
  • Video encoding platform - API
  • Usability, interface and ease of use
  • Accessible from everywhere and from any device
They are providing two types of accounts, one is totally free but limited to some features (as limited monthly encode sessions etc.) and few less features then paid account but believe me after using this tool you will love to pay them for beautiful work they are doing for you. They ask for very little amount which will not pinch your pocket ($5/month & $40/year)

So stop reading here and check out the cool tool.

The Link:

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