Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cricket World Cup Schedule

Great news for fans and supporters of cricket! Due to the upcoming Cricket World Cup tournament, Excely.com presented a wonderfully crafted schedule called AceFixtures for Cricket World Cup. It is designed for MS Excel, contains no macros and works fully automatically. It fills in group tables without delay according to the game results you specify, which is very convenient. Cricket World Cup Schedule is just a thing for a devoted cricket supporter!

The observation of the game results is remarkably simple in schedule. All you need to do for working with this schedule is to fill in match results. Specify the winning team by marking the field next to it with any symbol, like + or W and leave the defeated team's field untouched. Everything else will be done right away by Cricket World Cup Schedule. It will automatically work out teams positions in a group and show the contenders from the Second Stage to the great Final. The way AceFixtures is organized makes it a valuable helper for any ardent fan.

With Cricket World Cup schedule you will always be aware when your favorite team starts playing since it is possible to choose the country you are supporting, highlighting matches of the team from the selected country. Choose your favorite and see with whom and when the team is to compete.

Follow up the results of every game in a marvelous schedule dedicated to Cricket World Cup. With AceFixtures you'll be ahead of the game and know about every event in the tournament. The team needs your support, so don't miss Cricket World Cup Schedule and enjoy a good competitive spirit!

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