Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good & Useful cheat * Cheat Sheets *

It's very difficult to be regular on blog but i am trying my best. It's been couple of days i was away again but again i am back with some sweet knowledge.

The most useful thing to a developer or designer or someone else like gamer or something is Cheat Sheet. If you don't know what it is let me tell you a little.

What is Cheat Sheet?
A cheat sheet is a physical piece of paper, often filled with equations and facts in compressed writing. Various tools can be used to produce cheat sheets, besides pen and paper.

The computer industry has many cheat sheets due to the high number of commands and actions one must learn to use programming languages and command-line interfaces. Professionally prepared cheat sheets for some subjects are available for purchase.

But i am not here to sell any of those, i am here with few links to freely available Cheat Sheets and to me all are very useful. Here the links ( i am not giving any download, have it yourself )

It's not necessary that only programming languages has Cheat Sheets, Cheat Sheets can relate to any information available. Following are more links to useful Cheat Sheets most users of Internet should have.
I think i have taken a lot space on screen. Links are countless and i have tried to be as short as possible and as good content as possible. Open the links get the Cheat Sheet you like and have fun with it. I will keep updating this post as i get more links & time.

PS: The most thanks to Jack Daniel as he has worked on great Cheat Sheets. You can check his website at Thanks Jack!

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